What Is Bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin? If you’ve heard of cryptocurrency, then you’ve likely heard of bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency to be created. It remains the most secure, the most popular, and most valuable network today. . 5 min read “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” read the headline from The Times on […]

What Is Stellar Lumens?

What Is Stellar Lumens? The mainstream global financial system is a highway littered with roadblocks and tolls. Legacy cross-border payment systems, such as wire transfers, have historically suffered from long processing times, high fees, and inconvenient procedures. Sending money from one country to another country might either be impossible due to a lack of technological […]

What Is Chainlink?

What Is Chainlink? In order to understand Chainlink and its role in the blockchain ecosystem, we first must take a few first steps back to understand the problems and difficulties it was created to solve. Nothing in the web3 world is created in a vacuum, and Chainlink is no different. To accurately understand Chainlink’s origin […]

What Is Dogecoin?

What Is Dogecoin? Though Dogecoin (DOGE) has reached mythical status over the last few years, becoming one of the more popular cryptocurrencies, not as many people know its origin story. The creation of the currency lies at the intersection of crypto and memes. . 4 min read https://youtu.be/bXg1gqt3FJI Intended to be a parody of the […]

What Is Litecoin?

What Is Litecoin? The year was 2011 and bitcoin was starting to build a sizable following. As the only major currency in the digital assets market, bitcoin had owned all but a small sliver of the crypto market share. Though it was dominating the market, bitcoin had some perceived drawbacks by the crypto community, such […]

What Is Polygon?

What Is Polygon? A Crypto Guide In what might be the most widely adopted solution in the blockchain universe that you’ve never heard of — it might also serve as one of the most important tools, as well — Polygon serves as a scaling solution for the world’s biggest and most widely used blockchain network, […]

What Is Ethereum?

What Is Ethereum? The unfortunate reality for Ethereum, is that more frequently than not, it gets lumped together with Bitcoin — people use Bitcoin as a launching pad to understand Ethereum, to describe what it can and cannot perform, its practical functionalities and innovations, and its future. . 7 min read https://youtu.be/5hLbzWvhEKY You almost certainly […]