Coin of the Week: TenX

This originally appeared in Coinme’s weekly newsletter: The Coinster.

Have you ever wondered what it would be to go into any store in the world and pay with Bitcoin?

Even though Bitcoin and other digital currencies are becoming a truly worldwide currency, they still are having trouble gaining traction at your local brick and mortar which is where TenX comes in.

TenX is a cryptocurrency payment platform consisting of

  • A Debit Card
  • Bank Account
  • Wallet (and more)

The TenX card allows for cryptocurrency payments at any store in over 200 countries. Its revolutionary hybrid payment system allows its cardholders to deposit Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin into the TenX wallet for use at any location Visa is accepted.

Example of the TenX debit card

How does it Work?

TenX created the COMIT network (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction). In layman terms that means they convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency instantly during the purchase. The benefit? You can pay for anything with digital currency without the vendor having to accept that currency themselves. For people who rely on exchanging currency every time they travel to a new county, TenX provides a superior option.

How to Get Your Own

Download the TenX application and complete a basic KYC (know your customer) form. They have multiple different card holder options all with various features and prices.

Although the United States is a supported country, they still have yet to ship the cards to us. Once they do all you have to do is load your TenX wallet with Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin and start purchasing.

Final Thoughts

There are a few companies out there attempting to provide a debit card solution which will allow for crypto purchases anywhere, but I believe TenX is the front runner. Although some of their cards have a 2% fee per purchase, I think this is a viable option for anyone who wants a fast and easy way to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

Read more about Tenx here.