Coinme Update 1.18.18: ATM and Team Expansion

Ever since we put our first Bitcoin ATM in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, our mission has been the same: Help the world gain access to virtual currency. We have worked on that purpose in many ways over the last four years, and we are excited to share some updates today on how we are taking that mission even further in 2018.

Expanding the ATM Network

We are proud of the growth of our ATM network. In September of 2017, we expanded our innovative and easy-to-use crypto ATM network to California, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas. There are now 39 locations across seven states, allowing thousands of people to access cryptocurrency, and we are thrilled to announce that we are growing our ATM network even more.

Production images of our Coinme kiosks

We have officially begun development of our next version of crypto ATMs, which will be deployed at the beginning of Q2 2018 across the United States. While exact locations are still to be determined, our team is working hard to fill the need of fair and equal access of cryptocurrency to all. If you have a specific location you would like to see a Coinme ATM; please comment here or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

Expanding the Coinme Team

We have big goals for 2018, and to achieve those we need to grow our team. We are thrilled to announce that Coinme has hired its new Global Head of Talent! This role is key for helping us refine our organizational culture, and bring in the best talent the world has to offer to build what we know you deserve.

We understand that many of the best people for these roles are individuals just like you in our community. We plan on scaling quickly in many areas, including engineering, investment services, and marketing. If you think you are a great candidate to help grow Coinme, please make sure to follow our updates as we share these exciting opportunities in the coming weeks.

We genuinely believe that when the world has access, we even the playing field so that everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity. We know that through your continued support, our vision can become a reality.

Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a crypto future,

The Coinme Team