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Three Easy Ways You Can Buy or Sell Crypto

Coinme’s Bitcoin ATM

Convert your cash into Bitcoin at
our ATMs in over 50 locations
across the US. All you need is a
state-issued ID and the cash you’d
like to invest. Select locations can
convert Bitcoin to cash.

Crypto Advisory Services

Work directly with our expert crypto
advisors. We’re here to provide
advice and guide you through the
transaction process for over 200
digital currencies. Speaking to our
advisors is free.

Coinme’s Digital Wallet

Monitor your crypto online using
Coinmes’s digital wallet website.
The functionality to buy and sell
crypto directly from your Coinme
Wallet will he implemented in the
near future.


We provide you with recommendations and assistance in completing transactions.


Manage your crypto portfolio with the professional advice of experts in the field of cryptocurrency.


Swift Delivery


Newly purchased cryptocurrency is added to your Wallet in as little as one day, compared to the typical wait time of one to two weeks at other crypto-exchanging facilities.

Bitcoin ATMs across the U.S.A

Our ever-growing network of ATMs all across the USA makes it easy for you to start investing in crypto and contribute to your portfolio at any level of commitment you so choose.


The Safety of Your Currency is Our Top Priority


Security is our top priority, we use encryption and cold storage to ensure the safety of our services.


We have been operating in the crypto space since 2014 and have a chief compliance officer who carries Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certifications.

Coinme is America’s First Bitcoin ATM Company

Advocated for by the creator of ICOs. JR Willett, and by former NFL wide receiver for the Seahawks and Vikings, Sidney Rice

“when Bitcoin ATM purveyor Coinme caiied Willett, he became convinced ATMs were the next big expansion of the crypto economy”

– Laura shin, Forbes

“Rice said he’s confident in Coinme afer spending time with the company and learning more about the new financial technology.”

– Taylor soper, Geekwire

“one of Coinme’s most outspoken advocates is cryptocurrency veteran JR WiIIett, the man who created initial coin offerings.”

– Leigh Cuen, IBT

“when Bitcoin ATM purveyor Coinme called Willett, he became convinced ATMs were the next big expansion of the crypto economy”

– Laura shin, Forbes