[Infographic] This Week in Bitcoin 01.15.2020

This Week in Bitcoin 01.21.2020

This Week in Bitcoin 01.15.2020:

Each week, the Coinme Private Client team sends a weekly email, highlighting the top industry news and stories. Included in that email is “This Week in Bitcoin”, your guide to the state of Bitcoin. Here are the top news in This Week in Bitcoin 01.15.2020:

Bitcoin Recap

Up over 10%, Bitcoin and the rest of the market made substantial gains last week. This push moved Bitcoin out of the $7,000’s and into bullish territory ending the week at over $8,000. After reviewing the charts, we believe that Bitcoin is in a solid position to make a “to the moon” move heading into the halving event in May. If history prevails, we can potentially see Bitcoin price above its $13,000 resistance within the next four months. As mentioned in our past week’s newsletter, the risk associated with purchasing Bitcoin is much lower than it has been in the past and presents an excellent opportunity for long term investors.

BitcoinSV made huge moves last week, up 270% due to news that the infamous Craig Wright presented documents to the court, “proving” he is Satoshi Nakamoto and the rightful owner of 1.1MM Bitcoin buried in the so-called Tulip Trust.  The BitcoinSV community rejoiced as they finally had proof the good Dr. Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin. Although the hype around the event pushed the price up significantly, the majority of crypto enthusiasts believe it is just another stunt to attract publicity around his numerous false claims. We don’t know what the lawsuit will continue to turn up, but it’s definitely another entertaining, newsworthy event you should follow.

Onwards and upwards!

Here’s the infographic for This Week in Bitcoin 01.15.2020:

Here’s the infographic for This Week in Bitcoin 01.07.2020:

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Reminder, we are inside of 6 months from the“Halving”; when Bitcoin’s daily mining production will be cut in half.

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