Introducing UpToken — A Crypto ATM on Every Corner

At Coinme, we believe money should be accessible everywhere, and our mission is to help the world gain access to virtual currency through the necessary financial infrastructure.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce UpToken, a partnership with the cryptocurrency community to create the largest crypto ATM network in the world. Four years ago, Coinme became the first licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the US and we now process millions of dollars (USD) each month. Today, we are launching UpToken to help bring the next generation into the crypto community.

As history has shown, traditional economies are vulnerable to inflation, political instability, and institutional manipulation. In October of 2008, just weeks after the global financial collapse, Bitcoin was created to address these very issues. Nine years later, the cryptocurrency market capitalization has passed $100 billion in value. However, access remains the major barrier to continued growth. While there are now more than 3 million traditional ATMs in use, there are only 1,600 crypto ATMs deployed worldwide.

UpToken is a new crypto asset that will accelerate the establishment of a global network of crypto ATMs for widespread access to virtual currency. Consumers who purchase UpToken will benefit from discounted ATM fees as well as special voting rights. In addition, with each ATM use, Coinme will buy UpTokens on the open market equal to 1% of the transaction, and give them back to the customer in the form of a rewards program.

The UpToken sale was designed in partnership with J.R. Willett, inventor of the first token sale, and will begin on October 16th and conclude on October 27th, 2017, or when the supply of UpToken is exhausted.

Buyers are required to register for the UpToken sale and can do so on, until October 15th.

In a crypto enabled world, all economies can rise up.