Meet a Coinster: Brent Lyman, Crypto Advisor

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What is your name and what do you do at Coinme?

I am Brent and as a Crypto Asset Advisor, I provide our customers with a trusted source for buying and selling Crypto assets. Our customers can have a real conversation with our Crypto Advisory Services team and get all of their questions answered. My favorite part is working with our great clients and providing a superior service that our clients can rely on. There is nothing like getting a big “thanks for making the process so easy” from a client.

What did you do before Coinme?

A senior manager for a $16 billion dollar company in the automotive sector.

So why are you interested in cryptocurrency?

It’s going to change the world of finance and how we transfer value. The Internet as it exists today wasn’t around when I grew up. Communicating with friends and family happened through letters or on the rotary phone — yep, I’m old.

The modern-day Internet transformed how we communicate, transfer information (think email, text message), and more importantly, gained information (Google). The same exact transformation is going to happen for value because of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and blockchain technology. How we transfer wealth, assets, data, and commerce, just to name a few, will all change in the coming decades. We are living in exciting times and I am glad to be a part of the transformation.

Why did you choose to work for Coinme?

Coinme is providing a human touch with full transparency in cryptocurrency. This impressed me in a space that can be confusing and intimidating.

Prior to working with Coinme I was investing in cryptocurrencies on my own and hit personal pain points with other crypto companies. When I called to check on my transfer of funds, there was no one to call. Emails went unanswered. This was very frustrating as a consumer. Where did my money go? Why was it taking so long? Why can’t I get ahold of anyone? Did I just lose my money? These are just a few questions that made me feel very uneasy with the process of trading dollars for crypto.

By breaking down barriers and being accessible, Coinme is helping enable clients to purchase cryptocurrencies with human involvement so clients can be secure with their decisions. This type of service left such an impression on me that it drove me to become an Advisor.

What are some headlines surrounding cryptocurrency that you follow closely?

Bullish and Bearish! This world is moving very fast, so it’s important to keep myself educated so I can communicate clearly with our valued customers.

This question is big but what do you think the future of crypto is?

Tokens, tokens, tokens! The tokenization of real assets will change commerce and finance in the coming years. Anything from how funds are raised by small businesses to how we purchase assets will look different before we know it.

What do you think is the coolest thing you can buy with crypto is?

Anything! Coming from the automotive business, we are seeing all kinds of vehicles being purchased with Bitcoin!

When you are not immersed in the world of crypto, what are you doing?

Enjoying time with my lovely wife and our two dogs, attending Mariners or Sounders games, and exploring the city.

If you are interested in talking with Brian about how Crypto Advisory Services might fit your needs, you can reach out here.