About Coinme

Far too often in the world of technology and finance, the ones benefiting from the system are those at the top. Banks penalize people for being late when so many of those working in this country are living within their means and yet still often paycheck to paycheck. When sending money to a friend or family member, fees eat into the final amount, and unless you are willing to lose more of your hard earned money to expedite the transaction, it could be days until the payment is received.


Those that have access to money will never complain about issues like this because it doesn’t affect them. In some cases, they will be the ones profiting from the current system and will not want that to change. We at Coinme understand that for a system like digital currencies to thrive there is one aspect of the process that needs to be addressed first and foremost: Accessibility.


Coinme believes money should be accessible anywhere. We are on a mission to help people everywhere understand and utilize the power of digital currencies as a delightful medium-of-exchange and financially beneficial store-of-value 


When the world has access, everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity.


Together We Rise.