Our mission is to be the world's trusted gateway to digital currencies and a better financial future.

Since our founding in 2014, Coinme has held the belief that cryptocurrency is an economic tool of empowerment that the world should have access to. We started with just a handful of Bitcoin ATMs, and have grown to thousands of locations with that same firm belief.

We realize that the current financial system doesn’t provide an equal opportunity for all to thrive. That’s why we know how important it is for cryptocurrency to be made accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Coinme believes sound money should be accessible anywhere, so we’re on a mission to help people everywhere understand and utilize the power of cryptocurrency as a delightful medium-of-exchange and financially sound store-of-value.

When the world has access, everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity.

Why Coinme?

The team at Coinme is passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to more people around the world. We pride ourselves on the various ways that we offer access to bitcoin. Our low fees, ease-of-use, helpful and responsive customer service, and robust security standards are pillars of Coinme that we’ve worked hard to build.

We offer a welcoming environment for the first-time bitcoin user and the seasoned bitcoiner, both of whom can find utility in Coinme products. Take a look around the site, learn about the ways in which we’re making cryptocurrency more accessible, and join us in bringing financial sovereignty to more people around the world.

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