available on Stellar.

NEW: USDC now available on Stellar.

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Powering real-world use cases with crypto

Crypto is not just for speculation. Coinme’s mission is to bring tangible utility to crypto by solving some of the worlds’ most challenging problems around financial access and inclusion. 

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Cash in and out of USDC

Use cash to buy and sell USDC at thousands of Coinme-enabled locations in the U.S. and, soon, throughout Latin America.

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Send USDC for pennies

Send USDC to friends or family for mere pennies in the Coinme wallet thanks to the low transaction fees on Stellar.

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No bank account needed

Load cash, store USDC, send P2P, or cash out. No bank account needed.

Technology you can trust

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Circle is the issuer of USDC,  one of the world’s most widely used, fully-reserved dollar digital assets. Circle is a global leader in stablecoins.

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Coinme will offer USDC on the Stellar™ network to provide near-zero transaction fees and settlement of onchain transactions in seconds.

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Coinme® operates one of the largest cash exchanges in the world with thousands of physical locations to facilitate the purchase and sale of crypto using cash.

Send crypto to friends and family for less.

As a stablecoin backed by the US Dollar, USDC is not subject to the regular volatility seen with other cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal asset to send to friends or family.

Why use USDC on Stellar?

Put simply, Stellar makes sending and receiving USDC faster and cheaper than most other blockchains. Transactions on Stellar cost mere pennies.

Stellar is an open-source, decentralized blockchain designed from the ground up to accommodate not just one asset, but all kinds of digital assets, enabling the digitization of traditional assets and currencies. Its ability to quickly and easily interact with existing financial infrastructure, make it an attractive digital payment rail and a settlement layer. It’s for these reasons that Stellar is one of the most popular blockchains for USDC activity.

To support Stellar’s development and growth, the Stellar Development Foundation launched in 2014. This nonprofit organization maintains the network’s source code and facilitates communication with businesses using the network. Learn more at

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