The 10 Best Reddit Crypto Subreddits to Follow

With approximately 52 million daily users, Reddit and its slew of online forums let users post about – and learn about – pretty much anything. The platform comprises smaller communities known as subreddits that are each dedicated to a specific topic. If you’re looking to learn about crypto or share your own knowledge, there are several subreddits where you can start. Below is a list of the 10 best Reddit crypto subreddits.

The 10 best Reddit crypto subreddits to follow

Whether you’re looking for opinions on a token’s price theory or you want an in-depth explanation of bitcoin’s blockchain, there’s a subreddit for you. If you’re ready to start subscribing to some forums, here are some of the best crypto subreddits to follow. Remember to always do your own research and beware of scams.

With more than 1,000 posts and 21,000 comments per day, r/CryptoCurrency is the most active crypto subreddit. Its community includes crypto enthusiasts, beginners, experts, and anyone else who wants to post or read about crypto. 


Created in 2013, r/Cryptocurrency’s full name is “Cryptocurrency News and Discussion,” and it now has about 4.1 million subscribers. The community’s posts cover all news and analysis related to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, blockchains, altcoins – they’re all openly discussed in this forum.

The OG of the crypto subreddits is naturally r/Bitcoin. Keep up with all things BTC here. There are some great links like “Common Myths” and “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto” to get you into the bitcoin culture quickly.

The r/CryptoMarkets subreddit comprises about 675,000 subscribers, who discuss topics such as buying, selling, and holding digital assets. There’s extra emphasis in the community on trading these currencies. Across more than 550 comments each day, users discuss bitcoin, ether, litecoin, and tons of other tokens.

The ethereum subreddit has everything you’ll need if you’re interested in decentralized applications, DeFi, and more. Lots of active users discuss ETH scaling solutions, and how they see the platform growing into the digital future.

The world of Non-Fungible-Tokens is just beginning. This subreddit is all about how NFTs are going to change the game for Web3 and what it means to own unique digital real estate and assets. From games to domains, from art to the metaverse, the sooner you learn what an NFT is the better.

The r/CryptoCurrencies community calls itself crypto Reddit’s “Fiji water” and describes itself as a reliable source of “uncensored” crypto information, news, and memes. Its more than 290,000 members are free to ask questions and post crypto-related news articles and information.

Decentralized Finance applications are becoming serious contenders to traditional financial applications. New, open financial systems are being built as we speak. The future of finance is going to be decentralized.

A smaller community, the Crypto General subreddit is a forum for users to post information on digital tokens, blockchains, and cryptocurrency development projects. This forum has just under 65,000 members and receives about 40 posts per day. Its content is generally simple enough for crypto beginners to understand and contribute.

If you’re new to investing in bitcoin or just want to learn more about it, you might find some useful content in r/BitcoinBeginners. With 690,000 subscribers and over 150 comments per day, this community stays active discussing almost any topic related to bitcoin. An “FAQ for Beginners” post is pinned to the top of its homepage.

This Instagram account is affiliated with the YouTube channel DataDash, which has more than 460,000 subscribers. Both accounts are the work of Nicholas Merten, the founder and CEO of Digifox, a crypto trading app. The Data_Dash Instagram page has 3,000 followers and features detailed analyses on a variety of cryptocurrency topics, motivational posts for investing, and posts about topics discussed in DataDash Youtube videos.

Other ways to learn about crypto

The subreddits above are great crypto educational resources, but you might want to consider a few more options. Below are some additional ways you can learn about crypto.


  1. Coursera. This platform offers several free courses on cryptocurrency. For example, Princeton University offers a Coursera course titled “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.” Almost 600,000 people have enrolled in this course, which includes approximately 23 hours of content on bitcoin, blockchains, and
  2. YouTube. From short clips to longform explainers, YouTube is home to hundreds of hours of crypto-related content. News, price predictions, and trading advice are among the several topics YouTubers discuss. Many users are highly active on their accounts and frequently respond to viewers’ comments.
  3. Instagram. Another social media platform, Instagram has several users who dedicate their accounts to posting the latest crypto updates, market analyses, and entertaining memes. Not sure which accounts to follow? We’ve made a list of some of the best crypto Instagram accounts.
  4. Twitter. Twitter is best known for its chatter on all things crypto. Crypto Twitter is an experience of its own within the twittersphere, and we think everyone should experience it. Check out our recommended accounts to follow this year.
  5. Coinme. Whether you’re a beginner crypto learner or an advanced trader, there’s always an article for you on the Coinme blog. Our blog is packed with easily digestible content on cryptocurrencies, their networks, buying crypto, and so much more. You’ll find plenty of articles that are straightforward yet thorough on all things crypto and investing wisely.

“Reddy” to learn about crypto?

The convenience and accessibility of the internet can give you endless opportunities to learn about crypto. Reddit’s crypto communities in particular have grown over the years and share tons of timely crypto information with new and old users alike. Between Reddit and the Coinme blog, you can expand your crypto knowledge at any time, at any pace. And then, when you’re ready to dive into crypto, doing so takes just seconds at a Coinme location near you.

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