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  • Connect your debit card to buy DOGE in the Coinme app
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How to buy DOGE with Coinme.


Create a Coinme Account

Open a free Coinme account to buy Dogecoin conveniently in your Coinme wallet.


Verify Your Identity

To successfully open an account, you’ll need a photo ID and a mobile phone number for 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).


Buy Dogecoin (DOGE)

Choose your preferred method to buy Dogecoin. Either cash or debit!

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Why the Coinme Wallet for Dogecoin?

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Instant Access to DOGE

No more waiting 5-7 business days for your purchase to clear. Get it instantly.

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Connect your debit card in minutes. Coming this summer or buy DOGE with cash at a Coinstar location.

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Easy to Use

The Coinme wallet is made for both beginners and crypto experts alike.

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Trusted Wallet

Store Dogecoin safely and hassle-free in Coinme’s custodial wallet.


What makes Doge different?

There can only be one Doge

By now, there are a number of Dogecoin imitators and look-alikes, but there will only ever be one real Dogecoin. Launched in 2013, today Doge enjoys what could be called a meme currency network effect. Regardless of how many projects try, there will only ever be one authentic Dogecoin.

Much wow

Since its network first launched, Doge has been popular with cryptocurrency enthusiasts as a fun way to participate in crypto and as an emblem of crypto’s anti-establishment culture. After all, nothing says digital revolution than internet money named after a popular meme dog.

Meaning of money

At a technical level, money is a unit of account, a store of value, and a means of exchange. In the past, money was issued by governments and in most cases constrained by borders. Dogecoin demonstrates that money can be something else. Doge continues to exist because people keep demonstrating that it has value outside of the context of traditional currency.

What’s next?

All kidding aside, the Dogecoin network and the Dogecoin community have demonstrated a resilience and value that transcends the way people look at traditional currency. Not only has Dogecoin survived more than 10 years, but it is thriving today, with more and more projects and companies looking to offer Doge support.

Ready to get started with Dogecoin?

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