Coinme Announces USDC-powered Borderless Digital Cash and P2P Payments.

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USDC Circle and Coinme partner

Powering real-world use cases with crypto

Crypto is not just for speculation. Coinme’s mission is to bring tangible utility to crypto by solving some of the worlds’ most challenging problems around financial access and inclusion. 

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Cash in and out of USDC

Use cash to buy and sell USDC at thousands of Coinme-enabled locations in the U.S. and, soon, throughout Latin America.

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Send USDC anywhere for free

Send USDC to friends or family for free via the Coinme App. Send USDC on Stellar for near-zero onchain transaction fees. Additionally, Coinme will enable convenient cash pickup locations for an easy transaction to cash out of USDC.

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No bank account needed

Load cash, store USDC, send P2P, cash out. No bank account needed.

Technology you can trust

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Circle is the issuer of USDC,  one of the world’s fastest-growing, fully-reserved dollar digital assets, with a market capitalization of more than $53B.

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Coinme will offer USDC on the Stellar™ network to provide near-zero transaction fees and settlement of onchain transactions in seconds.

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Coinme® operates one of the largest cash exchanges in the world with thousands of physical locations to facilitate the purchase and sale of crypto using cash.

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