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Manage your digital currency in one
convenient online location.

What is a digital currency wallet?

Coinme's digital currency wallet is just another way to make purchasing and selling bitcoin convenient for you.

Our wallet can be thought of much like a regular Wallet. It is a place to store your funds, and use those funds to make purchases, or to send money to anyone, anywhere. For this reason, it can also be thought of in terms of a bank account. 


Ways to use your digital currency wallet.


Online, wherever, whenever

Log in to your digital currency wallet whenever you want. Purchase and sell your bitcoin at your convenience.


  At one of our crypto ATMs

Visit one of our many crypto ATMs to purchase and sell cryptocurrency on the spot.


Manage your purchase

                                                                                        If you’re working with our Crypto Advisory Services team, the digital wallet is where you can manage and view your purchases.