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Bitcoin At Your Local Grocery Store

Find a Coinstar near you at your local supermarket.

Purchase bitcoin using Coinstar kiosks located in your favorite supermarket chains near you. Add it to the shopping list while you’re at it. Bread, milk, bitcoin.

Our bitcoin kiosk network also partners with smaller grocery stores and supermarkets, so no matter where you live, you can find a retailer that you trust when buying your bitcoin. Use our map to find a bitcoin kiosk near you and redeem your bitcoin purchase directly to your Coinme crypto wallet.

Easer Than A Bitcoin ATM

More than a bitcoin ATM.

Coinstar and Coinme have partnered to bring you a more convenient, safer way to buy bitcoin with cash than a traditional bitcoin ATM. 

With the help of a familiar brand you can trust and instant voucher redemption through the Coinme wallet, you can experience the modern way to turn your cash into bitcoin in a fair, transparent process.

Easer Than A Bitcoin ATM

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