Store, manage, send and receive crypto.

Safely store your crypto with the Coinme Wallet. Manage your portfolio and get real time market information. All cryptocurrency purchases with Coinme are always instantly available to send and receive.

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Manage your portfolio.

Track price movements of your crypto and activity of all of your transactions from the secure Coinme wallet. Get real-time price notifications and alerts.

Simple user interface.

Coinme’s simple-to-use web and mobile interfaces make it easy to manage your crypto.


Crypto your way.

With Coinme, you’re in control. No more waiting days for ACH-enabled crypto transactions to clear. With Coinme you get instant access to your purchases for immediate use – whether it’s to cash out, send on-chain, or power your DeFi or Web3 transactions.

Download the Coinme app to get started.

Buy, sell, send and receive crypto right from the Coinme app. Discover thousands of locations to buy and sell crypto with cash, or simply buy and sell crypto with your debit card.

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