10 Top Crypto Instagram Accounts to Follow

From memes to GIFs, photos, and live videos, Instagram has a ton of content to keep users – including crypto experts and enthusiasts – learning and laughing. Many of the top crypto Instagram accounts utilize memes, news, and education to introduce newcomers to the topic and keep experienced traders in the fold. You’ll also see tips on buying and selling crypto on these accounts. Whether you’re new to crypto or want tools to continue growing your knowledge of digital currencies, here are 10 of the top crypto Instagram accounts to add to your feed.

The biggest crypto Instagram accounts you should follow to stay informed

These crypto Instagram accounts post a wide range of content, from crypto-inspired memes to price predictions, current market analyses, and trading tips. These accounts are listed in no particular order, and all followers accounts are accurate as of the end of 2021.

1 ShareCrypto

With 252,000 followers, ShareCrypto makes multiple posts per day giving followers the latest news for all things crypto. It gives users a serving of crypto headlines with a sprinkle of humor. It posts information like crypto milestones, big investor purchases, and the reasons behind price surges and drops.

2 Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine, with 44.7k followers,  is a great source of bitcoin-specific information. The publication was started by some of bitcoin’s early adopters and is known for its work of documenting the bitcoin space as it matures. In addition to news and updates, Bitcoin Magazine also provides a lot of market analysis and well-informed opinion pieces.

3 Crypto Explorer

CryptoExplorer helps people learn the basics of crypto. With over 500k followers, CryptoExplorer has a giant audience for its crypto-related memes and easily digestible information. It mostly focuses on bitcoin, but it also offers trading tips and news on altcoins. CryptoExplorer also has a glossary of crypto terms saved as a story highlight to give crypto explorers the terminology they need.

4 Crypto Crunch News

On CryptoCrunch’s Instagram account, the widely trusted crypto news company posts the latest rates and analyses. It also posts regular “Top 5 Crypto Crunch Updates” that display recent cryptocurrency headlines from around the world. This account’s 370,000 followers receive news about major companies starting to accept a digital currency and countries setting new trading volume records. In short, you’ll encounter the biggest and latest crypto news as easily digestible bits of information.

5 Felix Hartmann

A tech entrepreneur, trader, and crypto influencer, Felix Hartmann is the founder of Crypto Academy, which provides educational resources on how to trade crypto. Hartmann brings his years of crypto trading experience to his 50,000 Instagram followers by posting videos of his in-depth talks about the current state of crypto markets. He also livestreams Q&A sessions with viewers and offers tips for long-term trading strategies.

6 The Cryptograph

With almost 150,000 followers, TheCryptograph is a news account that posts about everything crypto. It has a heavy focus on bitcoin and keeps track of this leading cryptocurrency’s news and price records. Its content shares information about major companies and financial moguls purchasing coins or making crypto-related decisions. It posts multiple times a day to bring followers the latest updates around the clock.

7 Brekkie von Bitcoin

If you’re looking for the lighter side of bitcoin, Brekkie von Bitcoin’s account has plenty of posts to keep you entertained. Brekkie is the creative director for a bitcoin purchasing company, and he brings his creativity and humor to social media. He uses his Instagram account largely in conjunction with his other social media accounts. His Instagram account hosts 15,000 followers, but his more popular YouTube channel features his famous “Blockchain and Morty” clips alongside other TV shows he’s adapted for crypto enthusiasts’ pleasure.

8 Crypto Humor

Internet memes play a vital role in communicating about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In some ways memes are a great way to break through some of the complex information surrounding emerging digital currencies and even make light of some of the crypto craziness. With 83.1k followers, Crypto Humor is a great place to get all of the latest memes.

9 Altcoin Daily

With 456k followers, Altcoin Daily distills the latest in crypto-wide news into digestible nuggets. So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and headlines, Altcoin Daily has you covered.

10 Data Dash

This Instagram account is affiliated with the YouTube channel DataDash, which has more than 460,000 subscribers. Both accounts are the work of Nicholas Merten, the founder and CEO of Digifox, a crypto trading app. The Data_Dash Instagram page has 3,000 followers and features detailed analyses on a variety of cryptocurrency topics, motivational posts for investing, and posts about topics discussed in DataDash Youtube videos.

Instagram makes crypto accessible

The top crypto Instagram accounts make learning about new strategies, big events, and price projections more convenient. Whether you’re new to crypto or have a more advanced knowledge of digital currencies, they’ll all help you stay up to date on the world of crypto. 


Here at Coinme, we share this goal. We make buying crypto as accessible as checking your social media accounts. We do so partially through articles like this one, and you can find more crypto education resources on our blog. We’re here to help you expand your crypto knowledge.

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