Coinme Bitcoin 2022 Reflections

One of the biggest bitcoin conferences of the year has wrapped up, and boy was it an exciting event. More than 35,000 people, including over 400 speakers, descended upon Miami’s Bitcoin 2022 conference for 4 days of Bitcoin-mania. From guest speaker appearances by Serena Williams, Aaron Rogers, and Odell Beckham Jr. to Cathie Woods audaciously predicting a $1 million price for bitcoin and Peter Thiel calling Warren Buffet a socio-path grandpa (Ok, we admit that he might have been playing to the crowd on that one), Bitcoin 2022 was full of excitement, buzz, and hope. The only thing missing was good news from the price of bitcoin itself.

And we can’t forget about the Miami Bitcoin bull. Looking maniacal as a Bull could look with lasers for eyes, the Bitcoin Bull put New York’s famous financial district Bull to shame. 

Coinme was present with seven team members on hand, as well as a booth with a Coinstar ® Bitcoin ATM to raise excitement about our Coinstar partnership — which generated lots of interest from all the visitors to our booth.

Bitcoin 2022 conference
Bitcoin 2022 conference, Coinme booth

To cap off an incredible 4-day event, we wanted to share Bitcoin 2022 reflections from some of our team members that were on the ground. 

Ryan: “My experience at Bitcoin 2022 was great. I think it’s always really fun whenever you get to be surrounded by so many other bitcoiners and so many people who think alike — who are excited and ready to change the financial system for the better. It was a great event because it was just focused on bitcoin. Bitcoin is the reason why we are all here in the first place in this emerging industry, and I think it’s good that we have a conference solely focused on bitcoin because it limits distractions and keeps everyone aligned on a common goal. 

Bitcoin is the one thing that brings everyone together in the crypto industry. Overall there was a lot of excitement. The coolest thing I saw was all the Bitcoin art in the exhibition area — that was really cool.”

Delia: “The conference was really great, and overall, the feedback on our offering with Coinstar was really positive. People were surprised to see that Coinstar machines now sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because now it’s as accessible as going to the grocery store. 

“We had a couple of first-time bitcoiners that came to our booth, and we were able to show them how easy it is to purchase bitcoin with cash and they found it very easy to use and friendly.” 

Leona: “The one thing that stood out to me was that, at the conference, you can really get a sense of the sentiment and how people actually feel about an industry. And at Bitcoin 2022, there was just this huge excitement and buzz for everything — for bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and everything else in the industry.”

Josh: “If there was one word I could use to describe Bitcoin 2022 it would be electric. The energy at the conference was just absolutely amazing, and you could really see the passion from all the different companies that were there. From miners, to VC’s, to exchanges — it seemed like everyone was working towards a common goal and it made me really glad to be part of the bitcoin movement.

“People just had this amazing reaction to being able to buy bitcoin with cash from a Coinstar machine and we even had many people come up to the booth and try a transaction. We also unveiled a forthcoming feature at Bitcoin 2022, the ability to buy numerous cryptocurrencies with cash, and this created a ton of excitement around a lot of the conference attendees that came by our booth.”

​​Brian: “So Bitcoin 2022 was a very eye-opening experience for me. It was awesome to see all these companies that are coming up with innovative solutions to make the space more accessible, more mainstream, and even safer to use. It was also mindblowing to see really well-known celebrities chime in at the conference to be a part of it and talk about bitcoin and how they believe the bitcoin community is making a better financial future for everyone. 

On top of that, for Coinme, it’s been super interesting because lots of people walk by a Coinstar kiosk and are so surprised that they can now buy bitcoin at a kiosk — it’s been awesome to see.”

Coinme is looking forward to capturing the conference momentum and bringing this amazing experience to our users and our community. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, as Coinme has several exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

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Bitcoin 2022 conference, Coinme booth
Bitcoin 2022 Conference

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