Coinme Is Not in the Business of Lending Our Customer’s Crypto

Crypto markets have been on a rollercoaster recently, and there is much fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) among retail crypto investors. For a good reason, since recently, we’ve watched several crypto companies announce they have become financially insolvent.

Coinme never loans out our customer’s crypto

Given recent developments, Coinme wants to assure our customers the crypto stored on our platform is vaulted and secured. We don’t borrow or make loans with customer holdings. Additionally, our commitment to regulatory rigor ensures our services are 100% compliant with federal and state regulations for added peace of mind.

The sun still shines through crypto winter

As any seasoned crypto investor knows, bear markets can be challenging and test our faith in the long-term fundamentals of crypto even further. However, as the crypto winter of 2018 taught us, now is the time to build better use cases for crypto to improve people’s lives. Coinme continues to grow, and we look forward to providing more products and locations for you to access crypto instantly, simply, conveniently and affordably. 

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