How Coinme Is Different Than Other Crypto Wallets

With so many cryptocurrency exchange services available, you may have been wondering how Coinme is different from other services.

Coinme is unique in that we don’t just offer a wallet, but physical locations to buy crypto with cash instantly via Coinstar® Bitcoin ATMs and MoneyGram® locations around the United States.

With Coinme, you can buy cryptocurrency your way, including cash or debit card, while picking up groceries or visiting the pharmacy.

How Coinme cash locations work

Coinme has 21,000 locations at reputable retailers where you can turn your cash into crypto instantly,, conveniently located at grocery and reputable retail stores nationwide. The process offers many advantages over bitcoin ATMs, including: 

  • Instant: Crypto is immediately available to customers after purchasing to send, sell or transfer. 
  • Affordable: Purchase crypto using cash with lower fees than other bitcoin ATM providers.  
  • Simple: Transactions are seamless and simple. All purchases are instantly and directly deposited into Coinme’s secure wallet, eliminating the need to set up a third-party wallet and input separate wallet information.
  • Trusted: Name brands trust Coinme and Coinstar® to offer crypto purchases to customers through Coinstar® kiosks. Coinme places a strong focus on regulations and compliance to ensure a safe and secure experience for customers.

How the Coinme Wallet works

The Coinme Wallet mobile app functions as storage for cryptocurrency that you purchase, just like the money you store in the wallet in your pocket.

Using the Coinme Wallet,  you can send and receive crypto to or from friends, family and businesses.

Cash that you convert to crypto using Coinme locations will be deposited in your Coinme Wallet app.

Coinme Wallet features

  • 21,000+ locations to buy and sell crypto with cash instantly
  • Built with user-friendly interface
  • Send or receive crypto 
  • Buy with debit, credit card or at a physical location
  • View your balance and market data in real time
  • Dedicated support
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