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Why the Coinme Wallet for Bitcoin?

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Instant Access to BTC

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Choosing either cash or debit gives you the flexibility to buy BTC on your terms.

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The Coinme wallet is made for both beginners and crypto experts alike.

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Store Bitcoin safely and hassle-free in Coinme’s custodial wallet.


What makes Bitcoin different?

The network effect

When the Bitcoin network launched in 2010, there was nothing like it. Bitcoin still enjoys two major advantages over all of the competitors that have popped up since: One, it has first mover advantage, which means that it is still the most popular, well-known, and well-capitalized cryptocurrency. And two, the larger the Bitcoin network gets, the more secure and sustainable it gets, which creates a feedback loop that helps bitcoin maintain its top spot on the crypto charts.

The use cases

When the Bitcoin network was first launched, people used it to send value back and forth over the internet without the need for payment providers or credit cards. However, over time the primary bitcoin use case has grown and changed. Today, one of the most popular reasons that people hold bitcoin is because it is a digital store of value, or a kind of digital gold, which they expect to appreciate over time.

Supply cap

Unlike most traditional fiat currencies, which are inflationary because more and more money gets printed over time without a hard supply cap, bitcoin is inherently deflationary, which means that it will become more scarce over time. There is a coded supply of only 21 million bitcoin, making bitcoin predictable and neutral. It is the hardest form of money to ever exist.

Layer two

One of the most interesting things to keep an eye on in the future is the role of “layer two” technologies. Layer two refers to products and services that are built “on-top” of Bitcoin’s blockchain, and/or use on-chain data. The Lightning Network, which enables fast and cheap bitcoin transactions by batching data, is one example of a layer two technology.

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