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Chainlink coins
Chainlink coins

How to buy LINK with Coinme.


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Chainlink Coinme app screens.
Chainlink Coinme app screens.

Why the Coinme Wallet for Chainlink?

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What makes Chainlink different?

Blockchain of blockchains

Chainlink is an interesting project because it is trying to make sure that emerging blockchain environments don’t just become new kinds of data silos. By making a technology that allows data to be more fluid and agnostic, Chainlink will enable new kinds of data-related goods and services.


One of the functions that Chainlink can provide to emerging decentralized systems is to act like an oracle — or a hub of smart contracts. An oracle, in terms of decentralization, is like a reporting hub that pulls in data, which other decentralized projects can pull from and leverage to build out their services.

External data

One of Chainlink’s value propositions is that it will be able to pull in verified external data from centralized services (like financial price data, weather data, or employment numbers, for example) that Chainlink oracles can then use as data feeds. This has applications for smart contracts that are outcome-dependent. Some examples include things like decentralized prediction markets, insurance, or carbon markets.

Multiple uses

The interoperability services that Chainlink is building have utility for projects such in decentralized finance and NFT markets. But what will be really interesting is to see what kinds of services are enabled when more real world data can get pulled into and make actionable by decentralized smart contracts. This could potentially lead to outcomes that create fair pricing for real world goods and services such as food, water, and other natural resource-based economies.

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