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How to buy USDC with Coinme.


Create a Coinme Account

Open a free Coinme account to buy USDC conveniently in your Coinme wallet.


Verify Your Identity

To successfully open an account, you’ll need a photo ID and a mobile phone number for 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).


Buy USD Coin (USDC)

Simply connect your debit card to buy USDC.

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Why the Coinme Wallet for USDC?

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Instant Access to USDC

No more waiting 5-7 business days for your purchase to clear. Get it instantly.

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Connect your debit card in minutes to buy USDC.

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Easy to Use

The Coinme wallet is made for both beginners and crypto experts alike.

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Trusted Wallet

Store USDC safely and hassle-free in Coinme’s custodial wallet.


What makes USDC different?

Role of a stablecoin

Stablecoins are becoming an increasingly important and valuable part of the crypto ecosystem. One big advantage that fixed-price stablecoins provide is that they allow for a simple and secure means of moving between digital currencies and fiat currencies. They also make it possible to hold digital currencies long term without taking on the risk of volatility.


Not all stablecoins are created equal. One of the most valuable attributes of a stablecoin is that it maintains a 1:1 peg with an underlying asset — often a fiat currency. In order to maintain that peg, and for the system to work properly, it’s really important that the stablecoin’s treasury is intact and that the accounting is legitimate. USDC’s treasury is maintained by an industry group, it’s independently audited (reports are publicly available monthly), and the treasury is held in a mix of cash and short-term notes.

Ease of use

Another advantage of stablecoins like USDC is that it makes moving digital assets between wallets really easy. It is sometimes more straightforward to send assets or figure out than other kinds of transaction fees (sometimes known as gas fees). Increasingly, more crypto wallets and exchanges are supporting USDC, so it is a great option for moving dollars easily and cheaply.

Future of digital dollars

Increasingly, traditional central banks (including the Federal Reserve) are studying the role of stablecoins and if it makes sense for them to start issuing currency in a digital format instead of, or in addition to, fiat’s physical form. So, while stablecoins don’t share the same price volatility and excitement of other crypto assets, they are playing an important and vital role for the future of digital dollars.

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