Coinme Update 1.26.18: Coinme Wallet Functionality

In our update last week, we spoke about the next wave of Coinme ATMs and the growth of our team. This week we have an announcement from our engineering team about our Coinme Wallet:


Our team has been working around the clock to improve the features of the wallet, and we are excited to announce the UpToken Coinme Wallet is live! If you participated in the crowd sale and chose to receive your UpToken in your Coinme Wallet, you will now see your balance when you log in.

UpToken Balances now show in your Coinme Wallet

On December 20, 2017, we also began rewarding 1% “cash back” in the form of UpToken to all of our ATM users. We are working on the best way to display this data to our users, and we are excited to bring more people into the UpToken community every day.


As of this Monday, January 22nd, users now have the functionality to log into the Coinme Wallet with either a US driver’s license or an email.

You can now login with your email address at

If you have logged in with your driver’s license in the past, and never entered your email in the user profile section of the wallet, no worries. Simply enter your primary email, and follow the prompts to enter your US driver’s license number and password!

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the wallet. Please feel free to comment here or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you, and happy Friday everyone!

The Coinme Team