Meet a Coinster: Nathan Love, Head of Crypto Advisory Services

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What do you do at Coinme?

Run the newly developed Crypto Advisory Services team at Coinme where we are the Private Client side of the existing business. Facilitating transactions over the $2,500 daily limits and in hundreds of cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

Before Coinme, what did you do?

I was at TiVo in New York and Lionsgate in Santa Monica, CA. Working in two unique sectors that were beginning explosive innovation. First in the entertainment space with the introduction of new digital platforms and second with advertising, in the cable and consumer electronic space, that were long overdue for an update to that model.

That sounds cool. Why did you leave that industry for Coinme?

I have been following the FinTech space and specifically Coinme as a company the last few years and really believe in the potential of both the company and this new space. When Neil (co-founder and fellow Willamette alumni) reached out to me to build a new sales team I was excited on the opportunity based on the risk/reward.

So what has you so interested in FinTech, and more specifically cryptocurrency?

I believe it is just getting started with attention turning to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I have some good friends who have personally made millions last year and I see the same trend of businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology similar to how “analytics” was the buzzword for tech companies just a few years ago.

So what are the crypto headlines you are following lately?

Regulation, adoption, and changes that are happening worldwide and what it means at both a micro and macro level. I have joined some great newsletters, followed some amazing subject matter experts and closely monitoring the daily changes in this space.

Time to look forward. What do YOU think the future of crypto is?

A regulated, safe future with easy access from new consumers to large corporate adoption. This new asset class will help be a solution to help many, from nonprofit and charity groups, to private wealth managers, to helping those without a bank account. The current amount of fraud in this space will be mitigated and the ease of using as a currency worldwide will global.

You just moved back to Seattle from New York. What do you like to do in town?

I love running along the water and exploring different parts of the city and surrounding areas. From a boat on the lake with friends to enjoying watching a game of one of the many sports teams here, to trying new restaurants which have already surprised and impressed.

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