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Who Controls BTC? Illustration

Who Controls Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is controlled by its users. A distributed network of nodes around the world that run Bitcoin software makes it so no single person or entity can control the network.

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How to Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Selling bitcoin for cash has never been easier thanks to the partnership between Coinme and MoneyGram. Coinme offers a quick and convenient option for users to cash out from bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Giving

Whether you are feeling good about the recent bitcoin market gains, or just generally feeling the giving-back vibe of the holiday season — there are plenty of ways to donate bitcoin to great charities and nonprofit organizations.

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How to Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Buying bitcoin with cash — or more specifically, buying bitcoin with cash at a bitcoin ATM or bitcoin kiosk has never been easier. There are a handful of good reasons why you would want to buy bitcoin with cash. So in this post we’ll dig deeper into how and why people are converting USD to bitcoin.

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Where Does Bitcoin Come From?

The actual bitcoin network launched in January 2009, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. As central banks around the world panicked and created billions in new money, bitcoin was given a timely shot at changing the way we think about money.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be many different things. Bitcoin can mean something different to each person who uses it. We think that learning about bitcoin —  and

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