Coinme vs. Competitors: What’s the Difference?


Coinme opened its doors to the world in 2014, just one year after the first Bitcoin ATM was launched in Vancouver, Canada. Like most companies do, we started small. Today we power over 40,000 locations to buy and sell crypto with cash.

At Coinme, we’re proud of our mission to help people everywhere understand and utilize the power of cryptocurrency as a financially sound store of value. Every day, we take steps toward improving our services and ensuring everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity. But not everyone knows our story or mission, and many might wonder what sets us apart.

Coinme’s Story

Coinme opened its doors to the world in 2014, just one year after the first Bitcoin ATM was launched in Vancouver, Canada. Like most companies do, we started small. We ventured out with just a handful of Bitcoin ATMs and the belief that cryptocurrency was a powerful economic tool that everyone should have access to. Since then, we’ve made huge strides.

  • The first licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the country
  • The largest cryptocurrency cash network in the world
  • 40,000+ locations across the United States
  • Offer 7 different cryptos to choose from

We realized long ago that the current financial system doesn’t provide an equal opportunity for all to thrive. That’s why we want to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, everywhere. When more people have access, everyone has a fair chance for financial prosperity.

Coinme vs. Other Bitcoin ATMs

So, what makes Coinme stand out above the rest? Check out this list of the most important Bitcoin ATM features and learn what Coinme is doing to set the highest standards.

Bitcoin ATM Locations

Being able to access a Bitcoin ATM easily is what makes them so appealing. It’s also important to have options between Bitcoin ATMs that allow you to sell crypto and those that allow users to purchase crypto. Knowing how to find a Bitcoin ATM is crucial as well.

  • Other operators have Bitcoin ATMs in just a few locations. Some even offer thousands of participating Bitcoin ATMS. But their networks might still not be as far-ranging as you’d like. They also don’t tend to offer various options for buying and selling crypto with cash.
  • Coinme operates the largest cryptocurrency cash network in the world. We have over 40,000 locations where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency using cash. You can easily find our Bitcoin ATMs using our Bitcoin ATM locator.

Safety and Security

Security is of the utmost importance whenever you’re dealing with finances or money. The U.S. government recently passed legislation to hold Bitcoin ATM providers accountable for implementing safety measures that protect themselves and their customers. Operators that comply with these regulations can register for licensure with the U.S. Department of Treasury.

  • Many other Bitcoin ATM providers are not licensed by the Federal government. Instead of working hard to implement adequate security measures, these operators skirt regulations, putting their customers and their funds in danger. You can check if a Bitcoin ATM operator is licensed at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s website.
  • Coinme had the first-ever licensed Bitcoin ATM in the United States. We are dedicated to implementing the latest and most robust security standards to ensure every transaction is safe and secure.

Types of Crypto

Despite their name, Bitcoin ATMs don’t have to be only for exchanging cash for Bitcoin. Being able to buy and sell several types of digital currencies improves accessibility even more by providing options to users.

  • Most other operators don’t provide users with a variety of different crypto options. Instead, they only offer the ability to exchange cash for one type of crypto—typically Bitcoin.
  • At Coinme, our Bitcoin ATMs currently allow users to buy and sell seven digital coins with cash – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Chainlink, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Customer Service

Just as you may choose your bank based on customer service, you should also consider support when selecting a Bitcoin ATM provider. If there is an issue with your transaction, you don’t want to be left scrolling through a complicated website to find the answer you need.

  • Other providers don’t invest in providing customer support to their users, and many don’t even have a customer service team at all.
  • Coinme provides top-level customer service. We invest in ensuring that our customers feel satisfied and supported through every transaction.

Brand Partners

Having different partners provides a Bitcoin ATM operator with a broader network, meaning more options and services for customers.

  • Many other operators aren’t interested in forming partnerships. Instead, they focus on their own machines or forming partnerships with smaller brands. Doing this stifles growth and limits options for their customers.
  • Coinme has formed partnerships with big names like Coinstar and MoneyGram, bringing the power of these brands into their network. Coinme also has partnerships with thousands of participating ATM locations where users can cash out their crypto.

Ease of Use

Bitcoin ATMs are the perfect gateway into crypto for beginners! They’re easy to use, fast, and accessible.

  • Other providers don’t provide clear instructions. They hide fees, make exchanging crypto complicated, and require complex identity verification
  • Coinme is dedicated to making crypto easy for beginners. Our Bitcoin ATMs provide clear, step-by-step instructions. We also have a transparent fee structure, so you’re never left guessing how much a transaction will cost.

Crypto Wallet

Your crypto wallet is your entry point into the crypto world. It’s what allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash using a Bitcoin ATM or an online exchange. Crypto wallets work by storing your different crypto keys and providing access to your digital coins.

  • In general, other operators don’t provide you with a crypto wallet, making it more cumbersome to perform crypto-to-cash transactions with a Bitcoin ATM.

Coine provides users with a crypto wallet that allows them to manage their cryptocurrency easily.

The Advantages of Using Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are a popular way for many to exchange cryptocurrency for cash. They provide tons of benefits, like:

  • They’re faster than online exchanges.
  • You can instantly get cash for your crypto. This bridges the intangible world of crypto to the tangible feeling of cash in hand.
  • Bitcoin ATMs are beginner-friendly.
  • They are accessible – over 40,000 locations in the Coinme network alone!
  • You don’t need a bank account to use a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Operators that follow Federal regulations provide some of the safest and most secure platforms to buy and sell crypto.

Buy and Sell Crypto for Cash with Coinme Bitcoin ATMs

At Coinme, our team is passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to more people worldwide. We pride ourselves on the variety of options we offer users to access cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. We also offer a competitive, transparent fee structure, intuitive and easy-to-use digital kiosks, responsive customer support, and robust security standards. These aren’t just our goals—they are the pillars that define Coinme and everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We help both the first-time crypto user and the seasoned professional, both of whom can find utility and functionality in our offerings. If you’re ready to start using Coinme to exchange crypto with cash today, create an account now.

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