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How Can I Learn About Crypto?


The internet is full of information about crypto, and it can be hard to understand and pick trusted sources. Two legitimate sources of crypto education are CryptoLiteracy.org and CoinDesk Learn.

August 17 is National Financial Awareness Day, a day that reminds us to assess our current financial lives and where we’re going. Here at Coinme®, we believe that understanding cryptocurrencies is an essential part of financial literacy and critical to integrating crypto into daily life.

Below are five steps to take to become crypto literate.

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Step 1: Assess your knowledge

Assessing your current crypto knowledge is an excellent way to begin your journey to becoming crypto literate. Are you a beginner, intermediate or expert crypto connoisseur? It can be hard to tell on your own, but luckily, there is a resource to help you. 

Coinme, in partnership with CoinDesk, launched CryptoLiteracy.org last November, marking the first annual Crypto Literacy Month. According to a survey by CryptoLiteracy.org, 96% of Americans could not pass a basic crypto literacy exam. Additionally, CryptoLiteracy.org features a quiz where you can test your knowledge and be presented with CoinDesk curriculum that bridges your knowledge gaps. It’s a great way to know where your knowledge stands and how you can improve it.

Step 2: Learn

There are many resources available to learn about crypto. The Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium even offers certification programs to become certified in bitcoin and/or Ethereum for a fee. 

If you’re looking for a primary level, free education, look no further than CoinDesk Learn. After you take the CryptoLiteracy.org quiz, you can access CoinDesk Learn curriculum for “crypto crash courses” on bitcoin, Ethereum, technology, investing, DeFi, NFTs and the crypto industry. Courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and expert categories, so no matter what level of crypto knowledge you have, there’s something for everyone to improve their understanding.

Step 3: To own it is to know it

Now that you’re armed with crypto knowledge, next is the most crucial part of understanding crypto – purchasing it! The best teacher is ownership of digital currencies. However, buying your first crypto can be intimidating. Fortunately, your neighborhood has easy access points, thanks to Coinme! 

You can access Coinme’s crypto-enabled network by visiting coinme.com/locations. Type in your address, and it will show you a Coinstar or MoneyGram location where you can purchase crypto with cash. Additionally, The Coinme App includes a built-in wallet, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing a separate digital wallet or remembering your wallet address. Coinme is a simple, fast, affordable and instant way to access crypto with cash.

Step 4: Never stop learning

The world of cryptocurrencies has so many facets that it’s impossible to know everything about it. The industry moves fast, and there are always new developments. So how do you stay up with the latest crypto news and information? 

An excellent way to stay in the know is to subscribe to the Coinme newsletter. Weekly updates include the latest news, market insights and Coinme updates. You can subscribe to the newsletter here:

These helpful guides include recommendations on the 10 best Reddit crypto subreddits and the top 10 crypto Instagram and Twitter accounts to follow. Many YouTube shows and podcasts also discuss crypto topics and the latest news. One of our favorite experts is Anthony Pompliano, known as “Pomp.” He has a YouTube show and a daily newsletter that discusses various cryptocurrency topics with analysis.

Step 5: Spread the word

By now, you should feel like a crypto expert. Why not spread the word? Cryptos like bitcoin were designed to create a better and more equitable financial system. Many members of your family and friends may not be familiar with digital assets. A great way to share the knowledge is to challenge them to take the quiz on CryptoLiteracy.org and compare the results.

Also, stay tuned to Coinme and subscribe to our newsletter, as we will launch our essential guides to various cryptocurrencies. We’ll let you know when it’s live on coinme.com! Happy learning!

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